Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rise Up Singing

As my time in Nome comes to an end, so do my awesome, awesome guitar lessons.

I am a little sad that August brings to a close the opportunity to learn from a very accomplished musician, Sarah C. Hanson. If you haven't checked out her store, Bearing Song, stop by for a quick visit (if you happen to live in Nome). If you can't make your way to the store, check out her newest c.d., Treasure A Storm Can Bring on CD Baby (it's also available on CD Universe and Amazon). This c.d. is quickly becoming the soundtrack to my eventual departure and is a mainstay in my truck's c.d. changer.

At any rate, I am feeling much more confident in my guitar skills and cannot wait to share my new found love of strumming with any new PC peps.

I am even more excited to share my rendition of Moondance with my mom, in which I have been working to "own" that song. I may not be the best singer on the block, but I think I can rock out with the best of them.

Thanks Sarah for helping me grow musically (and happy birthday)!