Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Been Fun

One of the great things about Nome is the amount of "fun runs". If you are so inclined, you can probably schedule a run a week based solely on when a fun run happens to be scheduled during the summer.

This summer, I took part in as many runs as I possibly could. Unfortunately, as the summer winds down, so do the outside activities. Two weekends ago, I participated in my last Nome jaunt for the next two years.

The cool thing about this fun run (the Dexter Challenge) was everyone had the option of biking it, running it or walking it. I chose to walk it (my dad and friend AnnieKate joined me). We had a great time arguing over cultural practices and quizzing AnnieKate on her upcoming driver's test.

I am going to miss these fun runs, but don't worry. Maybe I can plan one or two of my own in my next resting place!