How To

Applying for Peace Corps is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 (it is actually, you can apply online [link]!); however, here are some helpful tips to really make your application POP!
  • Volunteer. Even if you want to apply now, volunteering [anywhere] for at least 3 months before you apply will:
    • A, give you street cred
    • and B, give you some insight into what volunteering is actually like.
    • It also does not look bad on your resume
  • Representative references. Don't just ask your former bosses, but get a smattering of the people who know you and your skill set. I am talking about volunteer supervisors, community leaders, and university professors.
  • Talk it out. As part of your Peace Corps application, they will ask you to write an aspiration statement - don't just do this alone! Ask friends and family for their insight. You might stumble upon something you never even thought of.
  • Persistence. Applying takes F O R E V E R. This is part of the process. They say it is about 180 days from submitting your application to receiving your assignment. On average 180 days. You may be one of those guys who bumps up that statistic.
  • Research. Don't go into your Peace Corps interview cold. Use the interwebs. Research past PC projects and host countries. Ask RPCVs what they said and where they went. Recruiters are looking at you as a whole package. Be a great package - be confident and smart, not witty and abrasive.
  • Be firm! As much as this experience is about you going out and being a leader in community-based devleopment, it is also about your growth. If you have a specific need, communicate it and communicate it well.
Good luck!