Friday, August 1, 2008

Bonds That Won't Break

I may be a bit biased, but my friends are the best group a friends a person can have. They aren't just my friends, they are my family, my co-conspirators, and often my inner voice of reason.

Last weekend, I joined Aggie, Sarah, Regina, Will, Meghan and Matt for our annual Team camping trip. This year's adventure was in Denali National Park, where we camped, indulged, rafted and generally wreaked havoc. Although, a few people were missing, we had a great time. We had Team t-shirts (special thanks to Regina for her awesome design), took over "the Bake" and warmed Brie on an open fire.

As we parted ways, the melancholy of the moment took over as we all realized a long separation is about to occur. Before the tears took hold, I was warmed by the fact that our bonds won't break and even if it takes two or three years, we will have another Team trip. After all, we are Team AK.