Get Involved

Interested in helping out your worldwide PCVs? Here's how:

Current projects on the books:

The Taylsh Socks store is back up and running. Order away! (100% of the proceeds go to  supporting local events/ peoples).

Support Gender Trainings [link] offered by the Peace Corps Azerbaijan WID/GAD Committee.

If you have some free time and are jonesin' for a wicked sweet vacay, try CBT Azerbaijan [link].

Writing Olympics [link]stuff.

Support Youth Softball [link] in the 'Baijan!

Learn more about PCVs in Azerbaijan on the AZLander [link] blog.

Learn how you can become invovled in the Peace Corps Azerbaijan Enviromental Committee! Check out the EC’s blog [link]for more information.

Peace Corps Volunteers are always looking for your support, find out more at Find A Volunteer Project [link].

For more info on In Kind Donations for Peace Corps Volunteers, please visit In Kind Donations [link], located on the Peace Corps website.

Support the National Peace Corps Association by buying these shoes [link]!