Meet LGT

Löki Gale [link] was a 20-something (getting older every day!) Peace Corps [link] Volunteer who extended her service for a 3rd year in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This blog chronicled her daily life as well as the ups and downs of being a Peace Corps Volunteer. For more information on why the heck she was blogging, review her personal blogging mission statement [link].

Löki Gale was born in Nome, Alaska and attended the University of Alaska Anchorage, graduating with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology.

In 2007, she began studying for a Master of Arts degree through the University of Alaska Fairbanks and had the opportunity to apply to the Peace Corps Master's International [link] program.

In 2008, Löki Gale began her 27 months of service in the secular Muslim country of Azerbaijan and in 2010, she extended her service through January of 2012.

After a lot of hard work (both on her part and on her graduate committee's), the biggest and most happiest thing occurred when Löki Gale received her Master of Arts diploma on May 15, 2011. Her thesis is a comparative analysis of indigenous cultural transmission in Alaska, Azerbaijan, and Canada. It is 139 pages.

Löki Gale also enjoys Star Trek The Next Generation, volunteerism, local food movements, American Sign Language, Mixed Martial Arts, hiking, rock climbing, and cooking.

To learn more about, please visit her Blogger Profile page [link], YouTube page [link] and/ or her Twitter account [link].