Sunday, August 10, 2008

Light'er Up!

I (along with most of my friends) have been lamenting the end of my Nalgene. I was the first on the bandwagon of reusable water bottles and immediately jumped ship when I heard about the bad chemicals leeching into my water.

Unfortunately, this info left many of us with tons of Nalgenes. Luckily, I lost my Nalgene in a village awhile ago and decided to switch to a Sigg. This past week, a friend of mine needed to offload a Nalgene or two and I could not let her simply toss them in the trash.

That's why I got online and searched out a few ideas on how to use an old Nalgene. My favorite find? The Sol Light LightCap 2000! This awesome lid turns your Nalgene into a lantern with a simply twist of the wrist. There is a battery powered version available at REI, but this one runs on the sun's energy!

Other ideas include turning your Nalgene into a planting container or making it the keeper of odds and ends.

How do you plan to recycle your old Nalgene?