Monday, August 25, 2008

Taboo Smaboo

Men, cover your ears.  Today, I am speaking to the ladies.

One of the bigger issues I have been facing is what to do at that special time of the month when I feel like my ovaries are in an epic battle with my uterus.

I am pretty sure any sort of feminine hygiene product is going to cause a ruckus and I am not sure about the access to hand washing water or trash cans...

That's why I was extremely relieved when one day, while perusing other Volunteer blogs, I found a comment about the Diva Cup.  After more online research, I found a great website that provided me with all the info I needed on menstrual cups.

Recently, I ordered the Mooncup UK and cannot wait to try it.  I'm a little scared, but I think everything will be fine.  Wish me luck...