Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Löki Powered

So, if you've been reading this bloggy blog, you know I sold my truck to my dad a few weeks ago.

This past week, my dad sold his truck.

That means, we are back to a one car duo. That wouldn't be so bad, but for some silly reason, we both are ridiculously active people.

So, last week, I dug out one of my dad's ancient bikes, secured a just-as-ancient neon green helmet to my head, and took my first bike ride of the season.

Now, I don't mind rollin on 26's once in awhile, but I'm a pretty wobbly peddler. I did not learn to ride a bike until I was 12 and since it was not a mainstay of my young adult life, I never took the time to gain the confidence most of us walk away with after our countless tween tumbles. Thus, I am pretty darn scared of falling (hence, the helmet and strong consideration of strapping pillows to both sides of my body).

At any rate, I plan to peddle it for my remaining month in Alaska. That way, I can really say I have gone completely green (not to mention I got to get all my bike loving done now as PC Azerbaijan does not allow Volunteers to have bikes).