Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Progress Report

Interested in the Life of Löki? Here's a progress update:
  1. I have accepted an invitation to serve in the country of Azerbaijan. Orientation starts September 21, 2008. Once sworn in (about 3 months after I arrive in country), I will serve from December 9, 2008 to December 9, 2010.
  2. I have no idea which AZ town/village I will eventually serve in. My Orientation is in Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan).
  3. I will be serving as a Youth Development Facilitator.  I think that means I will be doing exactly what I am doing here in Nome: Helping youth succeed. 
  4. My tentative last day in Alaska is September 13. After that, I hope to spend some time with my East Coast peps.
  5. Currently, my staging is set in Philadelphia (3 days of inoculations).
  6. I have amassed a pretty neat packing list. Comment me if you can think of anything I have missed.
  7. Using my handy packing list, I am almost done with the internet shopping and preparing of stuff. On August 23, I will be participating in a family style garage sale.  Don't worry Liana, I won't sell too much of my awesome clothing ;)
  8. Two weeks ago, I had my Living Will notarized.  I am still waiting for my sister to send back my Power of Attorney documents.  Sometime this week, I will write my Last Will & Testament.
  9. I finally registered for my 3 graduate credits. Each semester, my dad will continue to register me for 3 UAF graduate credits.
  10. I have decided to chop off my hair (or at least the relaxed parts).  I will do this right before I leave (wish me luck...or at least hope I don't freak out too much).
  11. My last day of work is September 5.
  12. My birthday is September 10 (more of that to follow in a separate post).
Not much else to say...any questions?