Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yo, ya'all, it is time for a maintenance check-in.

So, before I go having to write everyone emails, I thought I would post this on my bloggy blog and refer everyone here. I like readership and I like watching my readership numbers go up :)

  • Löki Gale Tobin has extended [link]. This means I will be in the Azerbaijan until January 2012.
  • LGT has plans to take her one month special leave (provided by Peace Corps) in late April/May. She is hoping to spend a week in New York, a few days in Anchorage, a week in Fairbanks, and a little over a week in Nome.
  • LGT still enjoys coffee, peanut butter, magazines, powdered sugar, books, brown sugar, dried fruit, salmon, baby corn, yada yada yada -[link to Mailing Instructions].
  • Her current projects include an art club, a kid science experiment club, photography clubs, and (inshallah) a Peace Corps World Map project.
  • LGT would love to travel - especially at any of the upcoming holidays and/ or for any of the overseas UFC fights. Contact her. She needs to see some family. Oh, Bali anyone?
  • Löki would also appreciate her mother and sister calling her. Hello??!!! Oh, and Ma, everyone would like you to send another Young Adult series. You have them all addicted. The DreamHunter series went over like ring worm - highly contagious it was...
Okay, any questions?