Saturday, October 16, 2010

UFC in the Hiz-ouse!

So most people know I love Star Trek TNG. I mean, the first man who does not balk at the idea of getting hitched at the Star Trek Experience Hall [link] in Las Vegas better watch out, because

Anyway...I digress. The point is, most people know I love TNG. Most people don't know that I also love UFC [link] (Ultimate Fighting Championship). I got into this amazing show of masculine...physicality...a few years ago while living with some pretty neat dudes. Yup. I am a fan of the octagon (and Joe Rogan [link], go figure).

Again, I digress. I like UFC. I also like traditions. Doesn't sound like those two should go together but, they do. We started it a few months ago. My male site mates and I would throw together some pizza (actually, that's me. I make the pizza. Last week, (homemade) Jim Beam BBQ Chicken Pizza [link] ) and watch a fight.

I love it. I get my UFC fix and I get to spend some quality time doing what I would have done in the US if I wasn't a PCV. It makes me feel a little more, normal.