Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Have Rules

I just got done reading some other PCV blogs and it made me think of all the blogging rules I follow but never really talk about.

I don't talk about them because they seem so...obvious. Now, I know I am not the Blog Queen, nor are my rules applicable to everyone. Viewpoints are different, goals are different, reasons for blogging are different, but I still feel that there are times when we all forget who our audience quite possibly could be. 

I mean, I honestly often forget Azerbaijanis read my blog. Every now and again, a local friend will make a comment in passing and I'm reminded that I cannot just post willy-nilly stuff. I never post pictures of local's faces, mainly because I always forget to ask for their permission and secondly, fathers don't like their girls' pictures up on the interwebs. It has a bad connotation here.

I rarely (if ever) blog about my political views and I shy away from my religious affiliation because locals read my blog. I also try not to describe much about my family or my life back in the states because it just gets me into trouble. I always tell the truth, but there are things that would take too long to explain to friends here about my life there.

And finally, I try really hard to stay away from cultural generalizations. Azerbaijan is as diverse as the US and making all encompassing statements really does not help anything.

Again, these are only my rules and I apply them only to myself. I just wanted you all to know them and know why I follow them.

P.S. If you did not get a good look at my hair before...