Monday, October 11, 2010

Seriously In Preparation - Year 3

Ever plan to spend 27 months in one place with the idea that on month 28 you would throw everything away, but then decide to try and eek out a third year without re-stocking?

I have and let me tell you, bad d e c i s i o n decision.

Bad, bad decision on thinking I could eek out another year with my disintegrated clothing. Seriously folks. They must not make clothes like they used to because my jeans bit the dust 6 months ago (that's right. I brought a single pair) and anything black I brought now looks heather gray.

Maybe it has to do with the hot water hand washing, but in my defense, have you ever hand wash all your clothes? Getting them clean without hot water is darn near impossible.

Anyway, my point is that I am not prepared for year 3. Ripped clothing, holes, tears, all that is a no go here - besides the fact that I am representin', I've got to look professional if I mean to get along socially. So, my sister is shopping for some supplemental pieces. I am a bit scared. She keeps talking about..jeggings? I am pretty sure those won't fly either.

My awesome fashion sense is shining through here- can't you tell?