Monday, January 31, 2011

Again, What Exactly Do You Do?

I love this question.

I mean, it is like asking me to enumerate and then describe (in detail) the reasons I think Rich Franklin and I should get married.

It is just impossible to do...

But, for the sake of fun, let's pretend, that I can answer this question. After 2+ years, you'd think I would be at a point where I could whip out a little "50 Years of PC" [link] tract and give you my 30-second elevator speech. I can't, but let's pretend I am not as verbose as I actually am...My job, in 30-seconds:

Wwwwelllll, Peace Corps got started on a fateful October day at 2 a.m. when JFK challenged University of Michigan students to serve their country [link]. It's been 50 years and Peace Corps has been invited to send PCVs to 139 countries and more than 200,000 Volunteers have served.

I am Youth Development Volunteer in a post-soviet secular Muslim country. It's called Azerbaijan. Yeah. Most people have no idea where that is either.

Um, I share me and my experience as an American with locals who share their unique experiences with me. I teach, I learn, and I practice making bread. I also wash my clothes by hand, which sucks. Anyhoo, check it out. They got a website [link]. If you have any questions, you can email me.

*I totally would amp up the smile at this point. Oh yeah, that speech, 31.63 seconds...score.