Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Just Playin' - Löki's Schedule 3.0

I was going to write a whole blog about my schedule and then I realized, I've done this [link]. I have told you all what I do all day. My schedule really does not change up all that much...

-I have fun kids' clubs and I have eh. basic English courses.

-I try to mix it up every couple of months and do something exciting and I meet with local counterparts to outline potential projects.

-I help people fill out applications for exchange programs and I visit my friend's houses and talk to their moms about why my parents have allowed me to serve in Peace Corps.

-I spend hours washing my clothes by hand and I spend more hours filling my belly.

-I spend about 20 minutes fretting about how messy my house has become and another 20 minutes sweeping my floor with the tinniest broom in the world.

-I Google easy TOEFL questions and I update my blog.

-I explain to the post office lady that I am not Jessica and I take deep breaths when young boys pelt me with snowballs.

-I wake up at 5:45 a.m. for my Master's classes and I read hours worth of homework whenever I remember to.

And...I listen to podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts.