Friday, February 11, 2011

Ayo Technology

At 7:50 this a.m., I participated in UAF's Rural Development Management Strategies (RD 651) audio-course.

Yup. That happened.

Three times a week, I am making early mornin' calls to my last 2 RD Master's classes...the earliest being 6:10 a.m. It's hard, but totally worth it. Inshallah, in May I will be graduating with my MA and done with these early morning call-ins. Then, it is just late nights with me and my internets.

Wait - hold up - did you say internets?

Yes. Yes I did.

Prior to joining the 'Corps, I figured that I would be spending 2 years in a mud hut, eating grasshoppers. I don't really think that this assumption was too far off as that is what a lot of people assume the Peace Corps is: African mud huts.

Well, it's not. With less than 40% of PCVs serving in Africa [link], there are a heck of a lot of other countries out there to be serving in. Today's Peace Corps' sites are as diverse as the countries Volunteers serve in. You may be in Turkmenistan [link] where it takes days to get to post...or you may be in Thailand [link] where almost 5,000 Volunteers have served since 1962.

The point is...its a big world out there and you may have high speed internet. Still, high speed internet does not equate indoor plumbing...