Monday, November 23, 2009

Really Talking

Recently, I have been wondering what people think of my blog. I mean, obviously, it’s awesome, so I guess that is not my question. I guess I am wondering what you think about my service. What does the average Lökite (yup, that is what you all are, my “ites”) think Löki’s life is like?

Blogging is hard. Mass emails are hard. Some things I can’t write. Some things, I won’t write. It would be like trying to explain how pop-rocks feel when you drink cola. Unless you’ve done it, the description sounds a putting.

Plus, I recently heard that people back at home really aren’t that interested in PC service. I’ve been told that when I hit American soil, I get 5 minutes with anyone who asks me, “so, what have you been up to,” to explain the last 27 months of my life before people’s eyes roll back and the listening stops. For me, the talker, I can only imagine what all my Lökites are thinking with my constant blogging.

My answer to this? I got none. I write lots of emails. I complain to my dad. I try to explain my feelings to Scott. I call up Jesse and cry, but for the people at home, your getting a view from the cheap seats. I wish I could make it all more meaningful, but I don’t know how. How can I explain that Löki ain’t the same Löki anymore?