Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hairdate #6

At little 'fro update for ya'all: my hair is getting long. Annoyingly long. I really could go for a good haircut right now. A nice little trim to take off all my split ends and the weird little knots that seem to form at the end of every strand of hair (is this normal?).

Besides a good cut, my hair is doing pretty well. My ma has gotten me hooked on Carol's Daughter [link] products, which keeps my hairs hydrated and frizz-free. I had tried these babies before, but for non-crimpy hair, Carol's Daughter is just a little too greasy. Now, my hair soaks the stuff up like a summer sweat on a do-rag.

My bigger hair has definitely taken on a life of its own. Obviously, I stick out here like a sore thumb, but I have never had to fight so hard for my American heritage. I have been mistaken for Arab, African, Brazilian and Hispanic. For awhile, I was telling people I was Alaskan (which I am), but after an incident with another minority Volunteer, I realized everyone was just assuming that all the American minorities live in Alaska...

At any rate, I am rocking the hair. It's getting touched a lot. I constantly get asked where I am from (not all that different from being state-side) and I am only hearing one or two racial ephiphats a month (I got a speech for this). All in all, I am beginning to think my hair is international development.