Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Big Weekend (in 3 installments)

Whew. Thanksgiving is over! Wait, that did not come out like I wanted it to...

Christmas is coming! I am going to Thailand! I can now listen to Christmas music non-stop (I made a playlist). Zorsa! (That means awesome is Avar).

But before I start blogging about my upcoming Thailand extravaganza, let's rewind and talk about this past weekend, starting with my apple pie.

I may have mentioned this a time or two, but cooking in Az is an adventure. Not only are you limited in available ingredients, but even the simplest things must be made from scratch (like bread crumbs). As part of my contribution to our at-site Thanksgiving feast, I promised an apple pie and roasted veggies. Of course, I had to make the entire pie from scratch, meaning, I had to whip up a couple pie crusts and jimmy rig apple pie spices.

If I do say so myself, my pie looked awesome. It tasted pretty good too (I really need to locate the Az equivalent of shortening). The whole process was a bit of an exercise in oven mechanics - my oven doesn't have a temperature guage and sometimes is really hot and sometimes is luke warm, but, it all worked out. I knew it would.