Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, a few weeks ago I was pretty pissed. How in the heck could I know so much Az grammar and vocabulary and still struggle to put together a simple sentence. Even worse - if you gave me a couple minutes, I could say almost anything, but in the moment, I got flustered as heck.

I take bi-weekly Az lessons. I study on my own (much more than I probably should). I soak up new words, idioms, phrases and slang like nobody's business.

So why was speaking so hard for me?!

Well, about two weeks ago, two things happened: (1) the trainees came to Z-town for a visit; and (2) I was forced to use my Azerbaijani for 5 other people.

And lo and behold, I realized I was just in a language plateau. A completely expected and known phenomenon that I downright forgot about.

It's weird how the most obvious of answers doesn't even blip on your radar when you are mad as heck and spittin' nails.