Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mailin' It

I have been getting emails with mail questions, so I thought I would post a few helpful tips, along with another plug for my handy information packed link (located in the left-hand column for quick access) entitled Mail Instructions [link].
  1. Your address contains funny letters: Yes. It does. As you may have guessed, the Azerbaijan alphabet contains non-English letters. At least it is not Cyrillic.
  2. What is the best shipping method: International Flat Rate mailer. Go to your post office and check out their sweet stand.There are many sizes of envelopes and boxes for a range of prices. The mailers are free (you pay for them in the shipping costs).
  3. Did you get my letter/ package: If you do not receive some sort of confirmation from me, probably not.
  4. Did your address change: Yes. It did. It will be my address for the next 2 years.
  5. Is there anything specific you would like: Yes! There is a pretty comprehensive list going on under Mail Instructions [link], but when in doubt, send dark chocolate and sauce mix packets.
  6. Wow! Shipping is expensive: Yes, it is. Packages are awesome (really awesome), but I understand if it is out of your price range (it is definitely out of mine!). Send me emails, collaborate with others to reduce shipping costs, send me a holiday card. I really just want to know what is going on with you!
Did I miss anything?