Saturday, January 24, 2009

If you think I am weird...

I keep telling people I am the most normal person in my family...this was emailed to me recently from my dad.

Sent you a box today in the Non-traditional way.

Your pad wouldn’t fit, not one little bit.
In the standard size box, which hold a lot.

So I used something other, a box I got from my brother.
I wrapped it and taped it, and its covered in love,
I hope it won’t hurt when the mail comes to shove.

Not much fit but the pad, which wasn’t so bad.
But I sent all the chocolate I had, to help cushion the pad.

There might be an occasional bauble, but I don’t see that as too much trouble.

This way you can open it with glee, you can have faces smeared with sticky sweets you see.
Just be careful of where you put the knife, if you cut wrong it will bring strife.

Work on the edges at bottom and top, but when you get a clear shot let the knife Stop.

Enjoy! Enjoy there is no foul ploy.

Express just went as far as Baku,
So I had to send it slower to you.

6-12 days they say will do.
But I can’t trust the Post office voodoo.

By now you should have the last box I sent.
I hope it had everything without dent.

I could go on all day with this old fellows’ rapp, I say.
But I should go to work so Kawerak will let me stay.

Good luck this year. I hope you good cheer.
Steer clear of any fear, hear that, my dear.