Friday, January 16, 2009

Answers to Matt

What is my work schedule like?
30%: Assisting my host organization
20%: Language classes
20%: Guesting & IRBing
30%: Community projects (Scouts, Convo Clubs, Tala Youth Foundation)

What is my access to the outside world?
I have access to internet (although, it is a bit expensive) and I try to catch the English version of Azerbaijani news every once in awhile. I also travel when my schedule allows to visit other Volunteers and sites and I text message like a fiend.

When I go to work, what do I do?
With my host organization, I help teachers learn more about computers and facilitate conversation clubs for teachers and youth service providers. I also attend bi-weekly Azerbaijani language classes and I frequently go guesting and work on developing connections with community members. I also am working on a variety of community projects as listed above.

How many Americans are in Zaqatala?
4 in the city proper and 1 in a surrounding village.