Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Ode to Family & Friends

I would write this in prose, but two in a row (see previous post) is a bit much!

At any rate, I want to thank everyone who has sent me a card, a package, a wedding invitation, an email or good mojo & thoughts!

I know I am only 4 months into service and will probably appreciate these things way more around month 18 or so, but right now, I cannot express how great it feels to get an “update” email from a friend back home (packed with gossip, of course) or a holiday card with pictures of a cute baby all over it.

It really means a lot.

It is incredible how separated you can feel when you are thousands of miles away and you know all your friends and family’s lives are moving on without you. Just the chance to take a glimpse back into all yours is worth every internet minute and gepik at the post office.

P.S. And special thanks to my dad (Lew Tobin), my mom (Lydia Harris) and my sister (Liana Rose Tobin) for sending countless boxes, the “oh! crap, I forgot” things, and chocolate.