Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When preparing for service, I would say I was a bit...hubris*, in my belief my body could handle just about anything. Being plagued with lactose intolerance most my life, I was sure my stomach was iron clad. Having worked in a Boys & Girls Clubs clubhouse, I thought my immune system could handle anything. Enjoying the hospitality of western Alaska, I have tried (and enjoyed) many foods most would consider exotic.

So coming to Azerbaijan, I wasn’t worried. I was even a little lackadaisical.

Bad move.

It took me several months (and a few problems), but I now know that moving half way around the world involves more than just a change of scenery. Of course, if you are on top of it, you can reduce (and even bypass) any hiccup that may occur. If you are overly confident like me, you may have to...experience a few things before you really get the picture.

*Yup Ma, I finally admitted that I am hubristic... but just a bit.