Friday, February 6, 2009

Answers to Shannon

Sual: How did your packing list reflect what you actually needed? Did you bring stuff you don’t need, or are you missing something you overlooked?

Cavab: Because Nome is so remote, the moment I moved home, I thought it best to get a head start on the packing (well, I am a Virgo). I went a little nutso on developing an intense gear list (I thoroughly researched every item I considered buying) in addition to constantly visiting my favorite outdoor websites, perusing Wiki pages and blogs, and gabbing with friends and family.

After all that, I began buying. I started with stuff I knew I’d need (slippers, a Gerber knife, digital camera, etc) and worked my way to country specific things.

Still, I ended up with a few things I rarely use and a couple things I wish for constantly.I really wish I had brought a headlamp and an overnight bag. In addition, I really could do without the computer lock and ultimate frisbee I brought. Yet, overall, I think I did pretty well.