Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Wicked Sweet Host Family

I know I have yet to write about my host family, but that’s been intentional.

Do not get me wrong. My host family is the coolest host family on the planet (and I am not being biased just because I live with them). They are awesome.

No, I have yet to write anything because I respect their privacy. Firstly, I am concerned about personal property rights and photographs. I have yet to master the language to where I can ask if it is “olar” for me to post pictures on my blog. Secondly, I am all about talking about myself, but other people are a different story. Anyone featured on my blog has given their permission and my host family has not. I was assigned to them, they were not assigned to me.

Thus, this is all you are going to get on the subject. You are just going to have to trust me that my host family rocks. My proof? At least once a week, everyone and anyone at our house gets in on an impromptu dance party.

How could a family that has dance parties not be cool?