Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sister, the Doofus

I had a great title for this good-bye post, but my sister thought it was dumb.

Whoever thought to buy her a plane ticket to Nome for the week was a doofus...or maybe just desperate to get rid of their extra clothing and unused cosmetics...

Anyway, I love Alaska. I love Nome. I love my friends, the Team. I love my family and extended family (Marsha, Mike, Annie, Olivia and Hunter). I love my church family. I love my former co-workers.

Really, I love everyone.

Thank you all for being my support, my rocks, and often my inner voices of reason. Thank you for teaching me neat strumming patterns and how to make kuspuks. Thank you for making me coffee and listening to me rant about politics. Thank you for making me steaks and sharing your crappy beer with me.

I heart you.