Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Callin' Out Across the World

I once made the comment, "I am almost done shopping!  Only one more trip to the store."

Later, my dad laughed at me and informed me my friend Eve made similar statements up until she had made her billionth "last trip" to the store.

I thought he was just joshing. Turns out, he/ she was telling the truth. A few days ago, I swore I had made my last trip to the store. Yet, just yesterday, I realized I was still in need of a radio/ alarm clock. While waiting for a train, I dropped into a Radio Shack and found the Grundig Mini 300 AM/FM/SW Pocket Radio. This thing is wicked sweet as it combines a radio and an alarm clock., just one more trip to the store (I still need a watch battery) and I should be done!