Monday, September 29, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Stardate 35487 (i.e. Day 1)

Remember that game, Dont Break the Ice?  Well, this is the exact opposite of that.

As I hugged my cousin good-bye, all I thought was "Okay Tobin, man up".  And man up I did. The first few moments of Staging were intense. For me, the extrovert, the whole thing was sensory overload. Too many new people and too small of a space. As the day wore on, everything began to fall in place and I even made a preliminary friend or two (check out my new "couple" friends, Emma and Mathais, on their blog, Baku to the Future - Mathais shares the best birth date with a special someone - ME!) and found myself calming down enough to make the occasional sarcastic side comment or two (darn you Tobin genes!).

Whew - one day down, 800ish to go.

P.S. Don't worry Will and Gina, you have not been replaced.