Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I Joined the Peace Corps

A current PCV (that’s short for Peace Corps Volunteer) suggested I jot down my reasons for joining the Peace Corps, just in case I have a bad day (or several attack me at once) and I forget why I am where I am at.

After listing my reasons, I realized I should tell someone else just in case Number 1 spontaneously explodes and I cannot retrieve my list. So, here you go - why I joined the Peace Corps.

  • I joined to make a difference. I am not naive enough to think I am going to change the world - or even the small community I am in - but I do hope to impact at least one person, even if that person is me.
  • I joined to help other people. I love to volunteer. There is something about serving others that is fun, exciting, and satisfying (similar to the feeling I get after a really hard workout).
  • I joined to earn college credit. From my rough calculations, my service will bring me 12 credits closer to earning my MA degree. That’s pretty neat.
  • I joined for the challenge. This reason comes with a whole host of sub-reasons. I know this experience will be a challenge for me personally. My beliefs, perceptions, opinions, ideals, values, culture, etc will be challenged. I can’t wait to be told I am wrong (and then proved wrong). I can’t wait to get frustrated. I can’t wait to grow throughout it all.
  • And finally, I joined to become a better person.