Friday, July 11, 2008

Peace Corps Gives Homework

I received another email from the Peace Corps. This one was a 4 parter.

The first part was a word quiz, asking me to view 15 words (one second per word) and then write down as many of the words as I could remember. I remembered 8 (I almost remembered 9, but I did not want my guilty conscious to eat at me for the next 29 months because I wrote down an almost exaggerated number).

I wrote down my total remembered words on the second part of the email, a two page questionnaire about my preferences regarding a host family. My only real limitation, my inability to digest lactose.

The third part was a list of current Peace Corps AZ Volunteers who do not mind receiving an email from a frantic prospective Volunteer. Luckily, I have been in contact with one current AZ Volunteer and have learned quite a bit from Vy.

The final piece was directions on how to download the language lessons I am supposed to be reviewing. I will get to that, soon. Right after I finish practicing the new song Mark taught me on my guitar!