Friday, July 4, 2008

Power Shopping

On a recent Peace Corps In Preparation: Power Shopping Trip to Anchorage, I bought:

2 quick dry pants (can pass for trousers or slacks)
2 quick dry knee length skirts (can pass for business wear)
2 tunics (one size too large to accommodate long underwear)
2 sets of long underwear (silk & medium weight)
1 swim suit (my suit just started sporting weak spots)
1 black polar fleece (wind proof & water repellent)
1 black rain jacket (it has orange trim)
1 pair jeans
1 long sleeve gray shirt
2 black tank tops
1 Sea to Summit Silk Travel Sheet (non-mummy)
2 Eagle Creek Ear Plug
cosmetics for 1 year

For me personally, I bought:
2 trashy romance novels
1 Vitamin Water
Lunch at Middle Way Cafe