Monday, March 3, 2008

PCMI What?

I get a lot of questions about where am I going to serve, am I scared, what am I going to do, will I get paid, yada yada yada. Nobody asks me how I earn master's credits by serving in the Peace Corps and when I mention that wonderful fact, people's eyes glaze over. No more I say! Here is all you need to know about the Peace Corps Master's International program (PCMI):

Each college administers their PCMI program differently, so your first step is to check out the Peace Corps' website and see if the college of your choice offers a PCMI program. If they do, apply first to the graduate program and tell the admission staff you are interested in becoming a PCMI student. They will direct you in the appropriate steps.

UAF's program (offered through Natural Resources or Rural Development) is pretty straightforward. 1. Apply to the graduate school. 2. Tell the department you are interested in the PCMI program. 3. Set up your Graduate Committee and develop your Graduate Study Plan (GSP), incorporating your service. 4. Implement your GSP.

If the college does not offer the program, encourage them to become a partner school or switch colleges! It's that simple.

(I know it is not that simple, but I wish it was)