Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peace Corps Process Update

I have received my Medical Review packet, read the paperwork twice and have set up the appointments necessary to complete this step in the Peace Corps process.

The Peace Corps does not skimp on information gathering and I can tell that this endeavor may be a doozie.

Basic information requested by the PC include a complete physical (involving lab and blood work) and dental evaluation. Other information may be requested depending on the applicant. An example would be an eye evaluation because the prospective volunteer wears glasses, which I do on occasion.

I hope to have all my appointments and paperwork completed by March 18. Until then, I will be working at the Nome pool (part time) and for Kawerak (full time), not to mention Iditarod starts this week!

p.s. I added a new link in the Greenie section entitled Enviroblog.