Friday, March 14, 2008

Brr...It's Cold Up Here

There must be some sun rays in the atmosphere.

That's right. Just some. Not many. Only a few.

It's cold here in Nome. As Iditarod comes to an end, Nome gets ready for the 100th anniversary of the first major long distance dog sled race known to man - the All Alaska Sweepstakes. This anniversary race guarantees a first place purse of $100,000 and with the official start in less than two weeks, this small town prepares for a fast, fun and freezing commemorative event.

Of course, my dad signed us up to manage a checkpoint out in the middle of nowhere (checkpoint Topkok). For 4 days, I am going to sit in the middle of a frozen lake and freeze. That's why I went online and found a pair of Sierra Design's Classic Booties. These cozy toe keepers won't let me down in sub-zero degree weather. Yippie for Moose Jaw [dot] com.