Friday, July 9, 2010

Doing What? in Year Two

Then again...

Year Two is characterized by reality.

Year One, I had lots of energy. I had ideas coming out the ying yang. I was overly optimistic about my potential impact.

Year Two, I've been hit by the Reality 18-Wheeler.

Goodness. Now I know how much work goes into a project; who I've got to obtain permission from; how long permission obtaining takes; how many false starts I will have to go through before anything gets off the ground...

In Year Two, I've had success, but I've also had failures. I've met some people and I've angered others. I'm making progress, but most days I feel like I am running in place.

Yup, Year Two is what it is...

Anyway, for those who want a more concrete idea of what's going on in my world...

July 4th: 1st Annual AzerDash! [Check out the accompanying pictures]
July 12-15: Z'Incesenet Summer X'travaganza Pre-Camp Counterpart Training
July 20-25: Z'Incesent Summer X'travaganza

Ongoing: FLEX Preparation ClubPhotography Clubs & Conversation Clubs.