Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not taking credit, but...

15 Zaq students passed the first round of FLEX testing! Woo-hoo!

An Americna Councils student exchange program, FLEX [link] provides the opportunity for high school students to spend 1 year attendingan American high school. A very competitive program, students participate in a series of test, interviews, and essay skill excercises. Each year, les than 50 Az young people are selected for the program, with less than 1,000 former FLEX students hailing from Azerbaijan. If I have not already mentioned it, my host bro is a former FLEX student (and so is my host cousin).

At any rate, I think this program is awesome and I am blown away by the number 15. Kudos definitely go to Natalie & D-man, the newest RPCVs from Zaq. Their convo clubs, prep classes and general presence prepared these kids - and look what happened! 15!