Monday, July 5, 2010

Year Two

I saw about twenty minutes of Year One last night.

Umm...I think I'll be reading the History of the Bering Sea People tonight.

Anyway, the movie got me to thinking, "Have I written a blog post about what I do these days? I don't think I have..."

So, here I am, updating you on Year Two.

Year One in PCV-dom is...tough. There ain't no easier way to put that. You've got Staging, Orientation, PST, your Swearamony, your first 3 months at site, your first 6 months at site, your first big blow up, your first deep depression, you've got it all. Year One is awesome, fanatical, hellish, intense, lonely,'s everything.

Year Two...Year Two is the same exact thing except you've been through it all so it's...a piece of cake. This year, I know Azerbaijani. This year, I know it's going to take three weeks to get a solid group of kids coming to my conversation clubs. This year, all my clubs don't need to be in English because I can explain how to fill the camera frame in the local lingo. This year, I know that laundry is going to take me at least two hours and that if I am starving at 9 p.m. at night, I am kind of screwed in the "quick din-din" department.

Year Two...wicked easy compared to Year One. Then again...

to be continued [imagine Marianne Roddenberry's voice here]...