Thursday, June 3, 2010


Being a PCV is hard. 1. You've got no money. 2. You constantly need things from the United States. 3. You are always asking your friends and family to help you out. (4. Your dad lives in Nome and doesn't have much access to art supply stores)

With that being said, I have a big, big request:
Please send me screen printing supplies before June 25, 2010. 
The people and children of Zaqatala may not realize the extent of your donation, but love you peripherally through Peace Corps.

Why do I want to (and think I can) screen print dozens of t-shirts? Well...
  • I found a coupe of DIY tutorials [link] online and it doesn't look hard;
  • My site mates have done it before and they tell me it's not too hard;
  • I watched Jesse (my cousin) screen a couple dozen t-shirts for Christmas once;
  • I want to print t-shirts for our upcoming Z'İncəsənət Summer X'travaganza Program, but don't want spend all my camp money on printing t-shirts; and,
  • I would love to "sell" t-shirts at our July 4 family fun run (AzerDash), but don't want to charge more than the 3 AZN that the t-shirt would cost.
Please? Anyone? What I need is this:
  1. Drawing Fluid
  2. Screen Filler
  3. Lots of black screen printing paint (Speedball seems to be promoted a lot)
  4. Orange screen printing paint (of course the AzerQach t-shirts will have orange on them)
  5. Blue screen printing paint (it's Könül's favorite color and will accent the summer program t-shirts)
This may be a huge undertaking, pain, no gain.