Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl's Night Out

My goodness...I just had my first Girl's Night Out in Azerbaijan.

What? How? Huh?

When I first arrived in Az, I thought a Girl's Night Out was a distant concept. I mean, gender roles in Az are pretty...set, and the idea of a group of girls having the ability to paint the town red (so to speak) was definitely not within the realm of possibilities.

Still, the thought of just kicking it with the girls for a night would creep into my mind whenever I was really missing home. Goodness, how I jones for Meggers, Aggie, Gina, and Sarah. A night on the town with them sounds like heaven...maybe throw in a per-chance meeting with the boys (after, of course, we sufficiently had our girl time) and you've got yourself an evening.

Never thought that would be possible here.
But, low and behold, it was.

Of course, it took a little pre-planning by Jessica and I. Still, last Friday, we celebrated our first true blue Girl's Night. [Alcohol-free] Cocktails and a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant was just what the doctor ordered for my homesickness.

Not to mention, 7 Azerbaijan women just chillin' had to be a site for anyone who saw us. Ahh...sometimes I love this job. Breaking barriers and introducing ideas. Love it.