Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Got a minute? Let's chat.

As you may know, I'm black.

I know, I know. This comes as a bit of surprise. I mean, I look...well...who knows what I look like. I get everything; from Brazilian to Jessica Kimi to Arab.

But for those who know me, being black has been a struggle for me. If pushed came to shove, I usually get obstinate and just not tell people what my ethnic make-up happens to be. I get really annoyed by that question. I get really annoyed that people ask that question after knowing me for all of 2 minutes.

Unfortunately, it is a question I get here whenever I step outside my house. I get is from locals. I get it from Americans. I get it from PCVs. There is just no getting away from it. Everyone is curious [for reasons unknown to me - but I could surmise...].

Interestingly, in Peace Corps, I have become way more black than I ever was in the US. I mean, now I consider myself Black (big b).

So, I spend a lot of time teaching locals about civil rights and Black American history. It is important to me to not only show that even though my first designation is always, "Alaskan," my Black pride is strong.

That's why, on June 19th, I (and several Az friends and PCVs) celebrated Juneteenth! Yeah for emancipation in Texas.

The picture is of the jambalya I made - a no-where-near close proximation to my ma's...same with the fried chicken. Oh well, next attempt will be awesomer.