Saturday, June 19, 2010

Extension What?

So, I've dropped the big ball. I'm apply for an extension, but what does this mean?

Well, firstly, It means I want to stick around Az for another year. Of course, there are a thousand and one reasons, but for now, I am going just going to focus on the process. We'll get to the reasons later.

So, how does one apply for an extension...

Well, #1, you've got to have some pretty darn good reasons for wanting to extend. I mean, at one part in the process, you've go to list them out, so knowing why you want to extend is pretty high up on the importance list.

#2, You've got to tell people. According to your PCV handbook, the last possible moment you can request an extension is at your Close of Service conference. For us in Az, our illustrious Country Director has asked everyone to submit formal requests by July 1.

#3, Now you go to list out your reasons i.e. make that formal request. I would post my formal request, but it is rather cheesy and embarrassing, so I am just going to highlight pieces of it when we get to that.

#4, You wait for approval or denial.

Me...I almost am done with part 3. I need to get a letter of support from my host organization and then I've done a, b, and c. After that, it's the waiting game.