Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can I Call Them "My Minions"?

Now, somehow and another, I got myself a weird reputation with Az PCVs...I am not really sure how it came about, but it's there and it's strong. Odd how the little things end up defining you as a person... 

Anyway, apparently it is a widely held belief that if you visit me, you are agreeing to become my sous chef, my chopper, mixer, right-hand man (or woman).

Personally, I have no problem with this. I like to cook. I like to experiment and there ain't no better time to experiment than when you gots a couple extra hands and a willing soul.

Plus, everyone gets a good (debatable) meal out of the deal.

As far as reputations go, it could be worse.

To learn what the heck Mike is making here, visit Pumpkin Ravioli [link].