Monday, March 1, 2010

A Brief History of Practically Everything Peace Corps

Happy Birthday Peace Corps!

As I prepare for a week of Peace Corpsy-activities, I realize that we've (you all and me) have never covered the Peace Corps

What is Peace Corps?
Peace Corps is an independent U.S. government agency that provides Volunteers to countries requesting assistance around the world. The agency traces its roots and mission to 1960, when then-Senator John F. Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries.
How many countries has Peace Corps been in?
How many countries is Peace Corps currently in?
Lay down the stats, yo:
60% women, 40% men
93% single, 7 % married
16% minorities
7% over the age of 50, average age: 28
89% have at least an undergraduate degree

5% in Youth Development
5% in Agriculture
14% in Environment
15% in Business Development
22% in  Health & AIDS/HIV
35% in Education
5% in "other"

37% in Africa
24% in Latin America
20% in Eastern Europe & Asia
7% in Asia
4% in North Africa/ Middle East
4% in Pacific Islands
4% in Caribbean
One big stat: Nearly 200,000 Americans served
Information taken from Peace Corps website [link] February 25, 2010.