Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeping My English Up

It's inevitable, the misuse of English words; the failing to recall a simple turn of phrase. Yesterday, I told my site mate, "Don't worry. Meat stays." He, of course, looked at me weird. The word, saxlamaq, in Azerbaijani, means to stay and to keep. Oh, whoa as me.

So what do PCVs do to keep from falling too far down the linguistic rabbit hole? We challenge each other to Scrabble tournaments, several PCVs are studying the GREs and have vocab lists covering their walls. Personally, I try to do a crossword everyday (I got an awesome crossword-a-day calendar recently) and I thank my lucky stars, some kind family members sent me, Take Two.

Take Two is an awesome create-a-crossword-faster-than-your-opponent game. Although, I am not as good as say, Amy, the undisputed Scrabble champ in our region, I do like to throw down a puzzle or two. A few monthly games of this and hopefully, I won't be saying, "Hey, I plan to keep in Alaska for awhile" when I return home.