Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I Joined Peace Corps - Revisited

As we continue our week-long Peace Corps Week festivities, I thought I would revisit an old blog post: Why I joined the Peace Corps [link].

It took me a few minutes to find this blog (I think I categorized it wrong), but once I did...I sat down to really contemplate what (if anything) has changed 17 months in. Written on July 24, 2008, I wrote about making a different, helping people, my love of volunteerism, my hope to finish my MA degree, the challenge of Peace Corps and becoming a better person.

What do I feel now?

Well, the same really. I joined for all those reasons, but I am staying for slightly different reasons. I stay because I am not a quitter. The harder things get, the more I want to finish. I stay because I can see the horizon - the hope of influence and development and change - and I want to see it happen. I stay because I really like some of the people here. I still wake up and am startled by the realization that I am still here, still working. I stay because I know the language and can actually talk with someone about my personal thoughts. I stay because now, it is time for people to get to know a more accurate Löki. I stay because it's what I need to do.