Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Acronym Game: MSC

Did my "mass hysteria plan" post leave you wonder what the heck we all did at MSC?

I bet so.

So, here's the basic run down:

MSC (or Mid-Service Conference) is that fun time where a PCV gets poked, prodded, and tested to the federal government's content. Dental exams (no cavities here - thanks again Dr. Stang!), language tests, physical exams, eye checks - it's all included in the three day testing extravaganza.

Of course, there is also the customary conference piece including a panel of RPCVs to ask tons of questions to and a workshop on how to support the new group of PCVs (or the Az7s). I also sat in on a session on sport activities and another on gender issues in Azerbaijan.

Normally, this all goes smoothly and evenings are jammed packed with quality hanging out time and game planning moments (we all can't have our summer camps on the same day, now can we?). For us, it all happened a bit differently...

We got snowed in! Of course, it was not so awesome on day 4, but day 1, we had a blast. Lots of movie watching, chatting, and a couple dozen games of Settlers of Catan (and yes, I won the last game!).