Friday, February 5, 2010

What do MLK, Borat, and Obama have in common?

They make me proud to be a PCV.

I bet your mouth is agape with mystification right now.

[Side note: Last week, my adult woman's conversation club and I watched MLK's "I have a dream..." speech and discussed civil rights, peaceful protest, and why MLK, Jr. Day is my favorite holiday. A few days later, I watched Borat and was appalled to hear Americans cheer for the destruction of Muslim civilians. And then, Obama gave his first State of the Union which reminded me of the hope that one day, all Americans will support equality and civil rights for every person in our great nation]

[Second side note: A few years ago, my dad, sister, and I enjoyed a holiday vacation in Hawaii. While we were there, we met a mixed race couple from Alabama who were honeymooning. At the time, I did not understand what their relationship meant or what it probably would endure in the future. My dad did. I am sorry Dad for telling you to stop talking. You were right. I was so wrong.]